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The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:
Whoever builds a masjid for Allah, then Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise.”

Imagine not only being granted Jannah (Paradise), but also having a PALACE there in your name!
How PRICELESS is that? We ONLY need 750 SPECIAL individuals to donate £100 each! 
A simple donation for a PALACE in Jannah! 
The Masjid is the most important HUB for any Muslim community.

The people here are aiming to build their Masjid and it's possible with YOUR help.

They URGENTLY need to raise £75,000 to purchase this building and create a unique Islamic centre and Masjid
If we do not manage to raise this amount, all plans will come to a halt and many thousands will miss out on praying in congregation. 
The Prophet Muhammad (saw) said:
“Whoever builds a HOUSE for Allah, Allah will build for him a HOUSE in Paradise.”

We need 750 SPECIAL PEOPLE to donate ONLY £100 each!

Since you’ll be helping to build an Islamic centre along with the Masjid, you will receive HUGE Sadaqah Jariyah rewards, even after you die. 

ALL of that for ONLY £100!

Brothers and sisters, don’t miss out on this opportunity and DONATE on the BUTTON below!
✅ REWARD for every single PRAYER prayed in congregation at the Masjid
REWARD for every fast broken in Ramadan 
REWARD for every single letter a child learns from the Qur'an 
REWARD for every person who accepts Islam and implements it in their life
✅ A PALACE in Jannah, the ULTIMATE reward

Can you REALLY afford to MISS OUT?
We ONLY need 750 SPECIAL individuals to donate ONLY £100 each
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